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Designed to help school directors, teachers, students, and parents, Al-Noor for Education is a platform with a purpose: to facilitate, enrich, and support the learning process for the subject of Islamic studies for all levels through a private online teacher‘s resource library student testing corner, Noor for Qur‘an App, Rashid and Shamsa App, and many other tools.

Teachers Platform


Highlighted Products

Rashid and Shamsah App

Rashid and Shamsah App offers worksheets and summer activities which support the Islamic Education curriculum of the United Arab Emirates. Our educational, evaluative, supportive and supplemental content was designed on one hand to provide students valuable knowledge, skills and values for each lesson, and can be offered to all learners of a class with respect to their different levels and capabilities, either individually or in a group setting. On the other hand, it supports the learning process and helps teachers to find out level differences between students and overcome learning difficulties.

Testing Platform

Our testing tools enable accurate assessment of the progress of the learning process, including assessing the development of critical thinking skills. Our diversified evaluation methods have been built based on established knowledge theories, containing online questions that are able to be graded with precision and speed, as well as interactive training that allows teachers to easily evaluate the performance of their students.

Noor Al-Qur'an App

Noor Al-Qur'an App supports the Qur'an Al-Kareem and Al-Hadith Ash-Shareef curriculum of the United Arab Emirates. The app contains memorization and recitation worksheets as well as activities related to Qur'an and Hadith sciences. Our content was designed in accordance with the Bloom's Taxonomy educational framework which enhances teachers ability to help learners in gaining skills at every level by sending appropriate homework that corresponds to each level of Bloom's Taxonomy.

What makes us unique?

Among the benefits of our platform

A sense of creativity

It can easily be noticed that an online presence for the subject of Islamic studies is lacking due to the underuse of technology in this field. Now with our platform this is not longer the case: it is here and easy to access, presented in a noteworthy and attractive way to provide students with the real and contemporary skills.

Our games

Our platform is a gate to educational entertainment, containing games that are enjoyed by learners while concurrently acquiring knowledge through fun, creative games that have been designed based on the psychology of learning and twenty first century skills.

Our stories

Created in order to attract the attention of young readers, our online library of stories is like an oasis in which learners find what they need in order to nurture and develop creativity. Our stories are an expression of knowledge through narratives, a beautiful way to learn and to enjoy through reading, listening and watching. They also provide the opportunity to discover personalities from our history as well as new fictional characters, acting as a garden of information that is easily coordinated with the curriculum.

Our prices

In addition to the quality of the content, our prices are considered one of the main draws of our platform as they are affordable in comparison to the value and academic enrichment that we offer through our program.

Our vision

Through a variety of apps we specifically designed to be easy, fun, and safe to use, our platform helps students to be actively engaged while learning online.

How does Al-Noor Educational Platform help teachers and learners?

First: "Director's corner"
Our online platform enables directors to follow the activities of their teachers and the progress of the students, their interaction and participation levels, and to stay updated about their performance through monthly and semester reports (grade-specific or for the entire school), allowing them to reliably supervise the learning process with precision.

Second: "Teacher's corner"
Our online platform allows teachers to offer their students various learning and enrichment activities utilizing the Rashid and Shamsa App and Noor for Qur'an App. Also, it helps them to track the progress of their students and determine their levels as well as provide them with individual performance reports for each student. Teachers can dedicate their saved time to improve the quality of their teaching. The teachers' corners includes:
- Learning Box: contains diverse activities, tools, attractive stories, entertaining educational games, and video clips.
- Testing Corner: provides teachers the ability to measure their students‘ levels throughout the whole academic year. For example, the Benchmark Test kit includes an assessment for each lesson, general testing for every unit, semester exams and final exams.

Third: "Student's corner"
Al-Noor for Education platform is an interactive and competitive program for students. It contains a student Testing Corner, engaging apps, educational games, interesting video clips and stories.

Need more information?

Do not hesitate to contact us via email: support@alnooreducation.com